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My TOU is quite simple, you can alter or combine any product I have as long as you do not profit from the result.. or allow anyone else to, so as long as everything is personal use, fill your boots lol!

Some of my freebies can consist of pspimages/pngs (aka tubes) and/or desktop pic and general art, scrapkits, psp masks, decoupage 3d sheets, teabag folding tile, backgrounds, vellums, templates, this list is growing all the time.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blog beginnings

Some of you may know that I used to have a website called Beci's Digital Downloads, it was hosted on geocities, but now due to the imminent closure of that provider I am, through necessity, moving my free downloads over to this blog, for now I will be concentrating on publishing previous freebies, before they are lost for ever, but I will be posting any new stuff I create here too, so it might be worth a bookmark :)

My TOU is in the sidebar, please take a moment to read it :)

That's all for this post as I will be keeping the freebies to 1 per post for easy linking.

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